Stunning location in the park of Bracciano set in the middle of the country side and only half an hour from Rome

Borgo del Mastro is the residence of a family of artists. Our passion for nature, history and art makes this place a destination for a lot of friends who come to look for beauty and relax in the countryside.

Borgo del Mastro is an estate of about four acres over the hills of Bracciano and Martignano’s Park, inspired by the ancient rural Italian settlements, surrounded by woods of oak and chestnut trees where you can relax in front of a beautiful view of the lake.

The architectural elements are inspired by the old rural houses through the wise use of materials such as brick, stone, wood and metal, establishing an organic relationship with the landscape and history of this territory. We have maintained and increased the agricultural vocation and today we are one of the few biodynamic farms in the area, achieving almost total self-sufficiency.

Due to our values and care of our surroundings we obtain from our products the best flavour: we keep and replant the seeds every season to preserve their taste. We offer guests the chance to look after a portion of the vegetable garden .... or directly purchase our products: fruits and vegetables in season, honey, oil, eggs, milk, cheese, meats, preserves, jams, herbs and herbal teas.