Wedding planning: We colaborate with international wedding planners, able to follow and advise you realizing your dream, and take the choices that will make your party special and memorable ..... also for your guests.

Graphic services, Tableau and wedding favors: we create and take care of the graphic design of invitations, booklets, tableau, menus and much more.

Floral decoration and centerpieces for the reception: the floral decorations are an important element of your event so our aim is to realise beautiful and charming decorations (from shabby chic to bohemian style, vintage or classical but always personalised for you).

Music and entertainment: music is an essential element to complete the frame of your event therefore we give an important space for live performances as background music during your reception. We also know how nice it is to spend some time quietly knowing you can count on a baby sitting service with entertainment, while lunch is served and you can enjoy the reception.

Photos and video: a moment as important as marriage should be remembered forever and its moments must remain indelible in the memory of the couple and their guests. For this reason photos and videos are important tools to crystallise what is the most important day for every couple.

Bride and Groom transfer with a real FIAT 500 of 1969